Stuff You Need To Know

...about mentoring and payment

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First Trimester Payment Period Ends November 21, 2015

  • The first mentoring interval dates are from August 24, 2015 - November 20, 2015.
  • 13 weeks = 13 logs (will accept 11 or 12 logs, too)
  • # weeks as a mentor = # logs (will accept 1 or 2 logs not submitted)
  • Supplemental pay will be in December 15 paycheck

Where Are My Log Summaries?

  • We process and read your logs daily, when possible.
  • That means you should be receiving your log summaries emailed back to you, your mentee, and your lead mentor within 24-48 hours.
  • Of course, there are times when it may take us a bit longer to send your summaries.
  • Your log summaries are sent from the following email address:
  • Be sure to save those summaries as they are your record of your own mentor logs.
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Mentor Logs for the Second Trimester

Monday, Nov. 30th, 12:15am to Friday, March 11th 2016 at 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Go to every week to enter logs in a timely manner.

Please do NOT enter all logs at one time during the second trimester.

There will be 13 weeks total = 11 to 13 logs required.

For questions or support:

Jennifer Vaughan

Dr. Amie Weinberg