Information about Heart Disease

By: Sam Villers

How can you get this cardiovascular disease?

This disease can be from environmental (lifestyle) risk factors, or can even be hereditary too. It can be hereditary if you have a family history fro heart disease and heart attack disease.

Risk behaviors associated with heart disease...

  • Tobacco, whether it is from you smoking or second-hand smoking, they both increase risk of heart attack.
  • High blood pressure can damage the arteries that feed your heart.
  • Lack of physical activity leads to high blood cholesterol levels and obesity.
  • Depending on how you respond to stress, some ways increase risk of a heart attack,
  • Illegal drug, like cocaine or amphetamines, can trigger a spasm of coronary arteries that can cause a heart attack.
  • If women get preeclampsia during pregnancy, it increases lifetime risk of heart disease.


  • Having a healthy eating plan. Like picking foods low in saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium. Also eatting fruits and vegetables.
  • Being physically active is also very important.

Treatment Plans...

  • Immediate Treatment..
  • Taking aspirin to prevent further blood clotting.
  • Given Nitroglycerin to reduce your heart's workload and improve blood flow through the coronary arteries.
  • Taking oxygen therapy.
  • Then lastly is getting treatment for chest pain.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation...
  • Your doctor would recommend this rehabilitation to help you recover from a heart attack and to help prevent another one.


  • During this summer, my neighbor's dad had had a heart attack.
  • He had one before this one happened.
  • Some reasons, was that he has high blood pressure, not physically active, which has lead him to be overweight.