History of Cross Country Running

By: Amslie Howett

How Cross Country was Created

A form of cross country in the 19th century was called paper chasing or other known as hare and hound. Cross country became known as harriers

Rules and Regulations for Cross Country

The course must be on an opened or woodland area, covered with grass, with natural obstacles. All races should start by a fire of a gun. Refreshments should be available at the start and finish lines.

Equipment Needed for Cross Country

- Good pair of running shoes

- Comfortable running clothes

- A watch (optional)

- Water

Famous Athletes in Cross Country

Alan Webb: holds the American record for the fastest mile under 4 minutes.

Dathan Ritzehein: 3- time winner at the USA cross country championships.

Shalene Flanagan: 6- time gold medalist at the USA cross country championships.

Deena Drossin: won bronze medal in 2004 Olympics for the woman's marathon.

Where can Cross Country be Ran at

Cross country can be ran at middle school, high school, and even college. It also can be ran at home, you don't have to be on a team to run.

Safety Concerns For Cross Country

The most common injuries for cross country running are sprained ankles, blisters, tendinitis, runner's knee, heel pain, and shin splints.