Should we have STAAR? I think not.

by Raven m. Period 2

What STAAR is

STAAR is basically a huge test you have to have to past the grade to go on to the next one.

STAAR causes stress

the STAAR is timed so we feel rushed and stressed so we guess on most of the questions so we complete the test.

What does stress means

stress means you can ether pull away from every one or even just cant sit still and have to do something before you basically explode of anger or sadness.

Good things of STAAR

some good things of STAAR is that the schools know how much we are learning

it also helps with time a pacing our self's to get things done in life.

My opinon

I believe that STAAR is getting people to worked up and then they stay up all night studing to get a 100 on the test so there not awake there asleep and then cant remember stuff that they studied because they are super sleepy yes coffee can help wake them up but not help remember the stuff they studied.