The Riches of the Atlas Mountains

By: Jaydie Ryu

About Atlas mountains

The atlas mountains stretches 1,500 miles from the southwest morocco through Algeria North Tunisia. The atlas mountains consists on 2 main sides; the north side and the south side. The south side looks are mostly shrubby and dry, and isn't such a nice looking place. The north side is looks very nice, it has nice forests and farmlands. Atlas Mountains are rich in minerals, iron, coal, oil, and especially in phoshates.

Come Join us in the riches of the Atlas Mountains! Come see the fertile lowlands, the nice forests and farmlands on the North side, and much much more!


So hurry and join us!


  • Adults- $8 for the whole day
  • Children- $4 For the whole day


  • $15 for the whole day ( Up to 6 members )