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Is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic,

Poloytheistic because they believe in more than one god

Holy book

Hinduism there is no particular holy book, but there is one particular scripture considered holy by all sections of Hindus and that is the Vedas. The Vedas has four parts Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka & upanishat.

Majors holidays and festivals!!

1. Holi - festival of colors and spring
2. Mahashivaratri Shiva Ratri night sacred to Shiva
3. Rama Navami birthday of Lord Rama
4. Krishna Jayanti birthday of Lord Krishna
5. Raksābandhana renewing bonds between brothers and sisters
6. Kumbh Mela pilgrimage every 12 years to four cities in India
7. Ganesha-Chaturthi Ganesha Utsava festival of Ganesh
8. Dassera victory of Rama over demon king Ravana
9. Navaratri festival of Shakti or Rama's victory over Ravana

10. Diwali festival of lights and Laksmi


They use sculptures and images of gods in there homes and shrines