Yellowstone National Park

It is a wonderland full of gysers and animals

The description of my park

The despriction of my park is that it has a lot of trees and animals in it some of the animals that it has is elk, fish, wolves, bears, . The things that they have to do there is fishing, hiking, prehistoric sites. The things that you should look forward doing is seeing the animals and plants getting to go see the geysers and mud pots.

The yellowstone national park was estabilished in 1827. Its the home of the gyesres that are mostly perseved there. The most interesting thing about Yellowstone is seeing the animals and geysers and the historical sites that are around there. you can go hiking and camping there.

The national news about the park

The weather is usually warm in the summer. It is closed in the winter and opens in the spring and summer. The animals are used to human the most that you will have to watch out for is the bears. if you like being outside this is the place to be i hope you come and see Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park

The parks information and schedual for summer. And the things that you can ask them if you have questions or concerns.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - Destination Video