Christmas in Argentina

By Zach Gallarneau


Houses during the Christmas season are decorated with garland, wreaths, lights, and flowers. Also, families decorate a Christmas trees with many different items. Some families use ornaments while others use figurines called baubles that are Christmas characters. Other families use snowflakes and cotton balls to represent snow because it is hot during the Christmas holiday in Argentina.

Christmas Eve Feast

The night before Christmas day, a grand feast is served to all. Families gather in their homes to celebrate with each other. Typical dishes include: Roast Turkey and Roast Pork stuffed with tomatoes, a popular dish called "Parrillada", "Turron" and Christmas bread. "Pan Dulce" amd "Pannettone" are also served as a side to the main dishes.

Lighting of the Globos

This is a tradition that happens on Christmas Eve. Many poeple stay out past midnight to light the Globos, paper sacks lit from the inside that float away. This tradition is really cool and interesting.
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Three Kings Day

After the Christmas Celebrations, on January 6th, Three Kings Day is celebrated. This day is celebrated to honor the time when the Magi went and saw baby Jesus in the stable. On the night before, children lay out their shoes next to hay and water, for the Magi's horses, to be filled with the the gifts from the three kings the next morning.
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