Physical Therapist

By: RJ Johnson

What does a Physical Therapist do?

A Physical Therapist helps people who have been injured physiclly by showing them exercises that will help the patient regain full strenth in his/her's recently injured part. A cool thing about a physical Therapist's job is that they can also talk and bond with local star athletes.

How does a Physical Therapist benefit society and what education/skills do you need to become a Physical Therapist?

A Physical Therapist benefits society by helping people regain strenth so we can have more people in the world who can walk on their own support. To be a Physical Therapist you will have to be able to explain complex ideas in simple language.

What is the Anual salary for a Physical Therapist and job growth?

The Anual salary for a Physical Therapist is $45,230. Thats 21% more than the average Annual salary.

What companies hire in your field?

Hospitals, clinics, schools, and private offices.