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Lauren Wilcox

Class 1


· Newborn babies have different facial expressions towards different things. For example, when someone/something speaks to them, or when they hear different noises. One way to fix this problem is “Mobiles.” These are placed right above the baby’s crib for them to observe. It plays soothing music to sing or hum along, and has many different colors, and movements. This helps your baby respond to more/different activities around the world.

· Newborn babies can only see between 8-10 inches away. The toy to help this would be “Playard Toys.” These are on the sides of a play wall for various activities. This toy stimulates visual sense so the baby can point out different colors, animals, and letters. These toys also stimulate their sense of hearing for different music or sounds.

· Newborn babies cry when they are unhappy with something, and it is usually difficult to figure out. The toy to solve this solution is called the “Soother.” These are usually placed on the side of their cribs to grab their attention very quickly. It is similar to a television, and can project onto the wall too. These toys are able to teach the baby to self-regulate, and calm down.

· Newborn babies are sometimes hard to figure out, especially with the way they want to sleep, or be positioned. The “Infant Play Gyms” are helpful toys that are put on the floor with toys hanging down from the top. This forces the baby to lie on their back and have their head up. The way they will be sitting for this activity is their best position of their vantage point.

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