Secret Life of Bees

Chapter 1

"It took me a month to get over the shock of having life possibilities. " pg. 16

I enjoyed this section because I could relate to it. I used to not like the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?". When I fingured out what I wanted to do I had no problem with the question because I could proudly answer that I wanted to be an engineer.

"I wrote "My philosophy of Life" which I intended for the start of a book but could get only three pages out of it." pg.16

I thought this quote was interesting because she believed that she could write a book when about philosophy of life when she was only 14 years old. Mrs. Henry stated that she was to young to be able to write about the topic. She became motivated to continue the book by trying trying to get a schorarship.

"Bees, There's a swarm of bees in my room!" pg. 4

I liked this quote because T. Ray came running into Lily's room after she shouted, but the bees all disapeared before he got there. They had all went back into the walls. T. Ray got mad at Lily for waking him up for no reason.

Ryan Hovatter