News from Second Grade

NFSI segundo grado con Sra. Olson-Reiners

Learning plans for the week

Dear families,

This week the students are going to read _Un Gran Rugido_, a story about a little boy who has had enough! It's a great text to read to remind us all of how to play with others and how to be kind.

In math, students are beginning a unit which is focused on using mental math strategies for addition and subtraction. On Thursday or Friday of this week (depending on how the kids are doing progressing through their daily lessons), the kids will take a math test on mental addition, before we start our next unit on mental subtraction.

We're also starting our real English spelling this week. Each child took a pre-evaluation that has helped to place them into the spelling group that is most appropriate for their understanding. We are using Words Their Way. If you're interested in learning more about the program, please find more specifically about how it is organized, I'll include a link later in this newsletter.

Library Days this week!

The kids will have library time with Mr. Glazer on Friday of this week and Monday of next week.

Testing alert.

MAP Reading testing on Wednesday, January 21

MAP Math testing on Friday, January 23

Homework for the week

HOMEWORK- 20 minutes each night

The child can choose from:

Reading in Spanish or English

Practicing Spanish or English spelling

Playing some MAP MATH activities online

More about Words Their Way

Here is a parent flier put together by a different school district.

The information is excellent.

Spelling lists

This is the first week of English spelling.

There are several different groups for spelling. The kids should have brought home a list of their words today-- AND, you can access the lists and the several fun practice tools on by clicking the groups below.

Carlos, Will, Sofia, Erin, & Audrey

Campbell, Sienna, & Caitlin

Carmen, Veszi, Emma, Raymond, & Ella

Jack, Nora, Diego, Darren, Zach, Katie, Isabella, Miah, & Bennett

Each week, students will be tested on just 15 words (selected at random), even though they are usually studying more than 15 words. How will I give our class four different spelling tests at the same time?-- with the miracle of modern technology (I hope it works!!).

Spanish Spelling List-


rugido- roar

cafetería- cafeteria

pirata- pirate

partes- parts

trajes- suits

reían- they laughed

señor- man, sir, Mr.

monstruos- monsters

ratón- mouse

soplar- to blow

descuidado- careless

juicio- trial/judgment

bolas- balls

mesas- tables

todos- all


*equipos teams

*juntos together

*monstruoso monstrous

*sorprendente surprisingly

*polluelo penguin chick

Contact Sra. Olson-Reiners

If you have information that is ESSENTIAL for me to receive during the day, PLEASE call the front office at 651-768-3801. There are occasions when I do not check my email until after the children have left for the day.