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Elaine Wu

Media literature in my view.

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

7 January 2016

Literature is a way of expression by using languages. It has been long formed before the period of rapid technology improvements. However, as technology influence our daily life, it also developed more communication channels. Media, being one of the most important communication


, turned traditional literature to the digital way. Any types of writing can be titled “literature”. However, media literature definitely provide more access than traditional literature.

Blogs, TV shows, news channels and etc. People today use media as a carrier to receive information, knowledge, and opinions.

These communication



are considered as media literature. For example the 2016 presidential election. Candidates rely heavily on media literature. They are eager to make connections to the majority by the use of media. Campaign commercials, posters, and talk shows are all part of the factor that influences the polls. Unlike traditionally where only the expertise wrote


, Today’s media literature are less serious with the development of


. It’s like the Pacific Ocean with all kinds of fish. Every citizen has the right to create media literature through keyboards. Opinions and influence pour down on people like heavy rains.Therefore, it is truly abstruse to remain a clear side and develop one self’s unique pattern of thoughts. However, thanks to the borderless media access today, common citizens can develop their own world view based on the influences and opinions they observed.

In conclusion, media literature has its own pros and cons. While it is possible to

follows other’s biased opinions, one can at least own develop a more comprehensive information.

No phone challenge

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

15 January 2016

There're two reasons for why I refused to take the challenge. First, it's 2016. I've been a smartphone user for five years now. Regardless of how many apps I would launch every day, they are there to make my life more convenience. I never rejected any new technology, as a result, they invaded my habits inside and out. In a world based on connections, media is the most efficient yet time consuming way to build relationships. It might seemed controversy at first, but it is the truth. Only those who engaged in media like me would understand the love and the hate. Love the way how we can access news around the globe; hate the reality of our decreasing awareness of the surrounding environments.

Second, this challenge will not bring any change. It might force us to think about place the role of media in our life, but it certainly has zero effect on future media engagement. We’ve seen countless articles or art works that encourage us to get more involved in the reality instead of holding our smart devices. Was those acts successful? I doubted it. Our strong reliance on media didn’t took place over the night. It was a slow transformation process that started the moment Alexander Graham Bell invented telephones. While those “anti-technology” ads might gave us some opinion, it won’t be able to stop our desire to improve and practice technologies such as the media. Our reliance on the media can be seen as a tragic, or an ongoing technology revolution.

Women's rights

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

3 February 2016

From evolution perspective, male dominance is normal while women's only purpose is the reproduction of offspring. However, as human being evolved and became more and more civilized, we started to consider a more equal social status. Women rights were ignored for a long period of time. African American men had the right to vote before the establishment of 14th Amendment which stated women’s right to engage in democracy.

While groups of women right fighters working the hardest to achieve gender equality, there campaign and ads just slapped their faces. There is no way we can address this problem without a unity sense of urgency. Some might argue that there are ads that portray male character negatively; however, those ads only represent a small percentage. We might want to question ourselves: “Where is the balance point for equality?” The balance point is actually a Utopian society. Female are born with physical disadvantage when compare to male. While we can never overcome the short end, we can focus on other equality such as equal wage, equal representation in government, and equal opportunities to involve in STEM programs.

Since the 18th century, society started to yield more opportunity and equality towards women. However, law established throughout centuries about women rights are not enough. Many male still think today's society already found the point of balance. That is nothing close to truth but their selfish prejudice. We still have a long way to go to fight for gender equality. Not only we have to established a more comprehensive law system, but also people have to change their individual biased perspectives.

Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

2 March 2016

Let us ignore all the glories Mr.Trump received since the first GOP debate, instead, shift our attention to another conflicting candidate, Texas senator Ted Cruz. When we look into Ted Cruz's stand on issues, it is obvious to tell that he strongly opposed the marriage equality for all groups. Either it's truly his religious belief or just another attention grabber, he already received countless critics from the LGBT community. Recently, a rumor began to spread on the internet which quoted Ted Cruz's comment during Liberty University: "There's no place for gays or atheists in my America. None. Our constitution makes that clear."

However, this rumor was later clarified by Cruz's campaign. Although his opposite stand on equal marriage is obvious, such rumor with none credible source is misleading.

Shay's Failed Revolution

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

18 March 2016

Shays’ Rebellion directly poked at post-American Revolution’s high intensity of internal conflict that was previously hidden beneath the surface. As a result of the rebellion, the founding fathers realized the problem of weak Federal authority over states’ power written in the Articles of Confederation. This was the first major rebellion of post-American Revolution. High taxes, irresponsible government, and limited freedom to assembly leaded to the american revolution against the British Parliament. However, in this case, the unresponsive governor of Massachusetts and carelessness of the other states lowered citizens’ trust in the young government of United States.

Daniel Shays was able to inspire people because the government was corrupt and the farmers and poorer people were being taxed excessively and were not able to pay these harsh taxes. They had seen what the government was doing to those that were unable to pay their taxes, taking away their land and homes, and were inspired to revolt against the government. Shays led a group of veterans who viewed this new government as extremely similar to the one they had just fought to secede from and Shays inspired these men to fight the oppression.

When the American Revolution ended, people were looking forward to the freedom and prosperity they believed independence would bring. However, the reality of post-war were composed of only economic recession, weak Federal government, and scarcity of resources. Daniel Shays used people’s strong emotion against the state to filed a petition for fiscal relief. Increased number of protesters joined the rebellion group under social influence.

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Is O'Brien A Victim Or A Victim?

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

18 April 2016

O'Brien is a victim. In my belief, both O'Brien and Winston are born in the wrong era. Prior to O'Brien's torture of Winston til his confession, he was brainwashed by the Big Brother. In the book 1984, George Orwell did not specify whether O'Brien was brainwashed by the Big Brother in a similar way he did to Winston or he was a nature born party member. In the book 1984, Winstons' conversation with O'Brien in the Minster of love proved O'Brien is the victim. "They've got you too!" he cried. "They've got me a long time ago," said O'Brien with a mild, almost regretful irony..."You knew this, Winston," said O'Brien. "Don't deceive yourself. You did know it- you have always known it." (Orwell)


Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

11 May 2016

At the beginning of the semester, I had a broad definition


media literacy :"Any form of communicating channel in digital ways that


the use of media broadcast, social media or


organization to achieve its purpose."


such as Obama Administration's usage of media as


source for campaign shows the importance of media literature are not only influencing


but also in politics and everyday life. However, by this point of the semester, I've learned


more about related topic and came to realize the possible negative effect of growing media literature. Published article and journal on the internet are refreshing in every


. Media literature


so diverse and limitless that different opinions and perspectives pour on readers without any restraint. It is really a personal


to draw a clear line in-between what's wrong and right. The hardest thing for


of media literature is


to observe different perspective while stay aloof in this melting pot.

Prior to this class, high school literature's curriculum mainly focused on world literature and English literature. Student


asked to


these traditional values and make connections to our

every day

life. However, media literature, acting as a mirror to today's society, better prepares its student for later life by forming their own perspectives and value based on pools of opinions.

The curriculum designed for this class is reasonable.



always something for improvement. I know 2016 is election season and everyone turned their mindset to political mode. I understand how communism has been so mysterious and evil for the western society. I understand how the critical reading of 1984 is based on a Totalitarian society. However, it is just not the right thing for constant criticizing the


party or any particular country. This form of criticizing one's belief is similar to criticizing Muslin being the wrong religion for people because Jesus doesn't play a part in Quran.


source such as :" Tiananmen Square Massacre killed 5000 people" is misleading and can be considered a form of spreading hate.

Sorry, But It's Your Problem

Elaine Wu

Mrs. Lowe

12th Grade Literature

11 May 2016

Auto-Correct is one of the best invention in recent technology. It doesn't only correct our grammar, but it also packaged us into a more precise personality. Technology improvements are great for our society. In macroeconomic, there are only two ways a PPC curve, which shows efffiencey, can shift outward: unlimited resource and improvement of technology. In a society where individual can easily be surrounded by technology that makes our life better, why do people resist it? I've heard arguments like "Technology is a addicting drug" or "It's causing our humanity to fade away". Yet I believe that none of those people can survive without the use of technology. Discounted to the world? It's your misuse of technology! Why do you blame the computer for private information leakage instead of the hacker? Let us face the reality that technology is curved into our era. Human kind can no longer progress without new technology coming out. It's called an evolution. It's called maximum proficient use of brain capabilities. It's called the greatness of mankind. Whoever said: "technology will control us and make us slaves" definitely watched too many Hollywood sci-fi junks. Point our one technology that slows the progress of society, or even caused danger and threat to our daily life. "Social Media!" some one might say. Look, social media was created for more connections, and I still believe it is a great idea. Once again, don’t blame our own misuse and misjudgment to innocent technology. "Can we auto-correct humanity?" Let's put it this way. Selfishness is humanity and no matter what we do, it won’t be fixed. Accept the use of technology as a part of the process of human evolution. Nature selection is slowly getting rid of our useless vermiform appendix, and replacing it with useful technology.