Image Effects

Kolton, Wade, Kenny, Ryan

What Are Image Effects?

Image effects are things that affect an image in certain ways, which can be cutting out parts of it, affecting the colors and textures of the image in question, or rotating it and making it more transparent or reversing transparency.

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Patters & Textures



Some Vocabulary Involving Image Effects

Cloning: Copying part of an image and using it to replace unwanted parts of an image. This can be done to touch up photos and remove blemishes or marks that you do not want to be there.

Cropping: Cutting out part of an image while the original image retains same file size and the cut image can be saved as a new file. This is used to remove unwanted parts and keep the pieces of the picture that you want together.

Filters: Used to apply special effects to an image that would be too difficult to create manually. Filter types can add different colors, such as a sepia filter that makes everything blue tinged or a filter to apply a stylistic old photo finish to the image in question.

Gradient: Filling an object/image with a smooth transition from one color to another color. Can be used to change a specific part of a picture or image to a different color pattern entirely.

Layers: Compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image (layers can be turned on and off). This can be used to create a picture with multiple stacked pictures in it to create a collage or something to that effect.

Patterns and Textures: Patterns are raster graphics used to fill an object or a selection, while texture is used to create filters or fill backgrounds with a new image that pops off the page.

Rotating: Pivoting an object around it's center. Pretty self explanatory and can be used to rotate image parts around a particular area.

Transparency: Removing the background color of a raster image to make it see through which allows an image to blend in with it's background. Typically utilized to create a watermark to mark an image as your owned intellectual property and the like.

Transparency also affects Graphic Formats.