The north or the south

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In the north economy

The economy in the north was good because people would bring things that they wanted to trade. The North and south had very different economies. The north on factories to make goods that they could sell or trade in their economy while the south economy was mostly agricultural relying mostly on cotton In the south they had over 14,00 free states in the south and the struggle for independent southern collages achieved considerable success. By 1860 Virginia had 23 collages and Georgia had 32, while new York had 17 collages and Massachusetts just 8. In 1856 the university of virgina had 58 students compared to only 31 at harvald.

The north and the south geography

In the northern states experienced four distinct seasons, from freezing winters to hot, humid summers. towns in Boston became busy seaports.flat plain with a thin covering of rocky soil. In the south fertile soil ideal for growing crops. Climate ideal for agriculture.

Facts about the south

The south had less railroads and people that lived there. Southern settlers grew wealthy by raising and selling Cotton. They had large farms called plantations.