Issa's 3 Favorite Places To Visit!

Central Park, Olive Garden, & New York.


I want to talk to you about these three specific places I've been to that is important to me, and also why you should book a flight ASAP! Our journey awaits, let's go!

The BEST Place to eat.

This is where I found my first love, Alfredo Fettuccine. Olive Garden have variety of foods that you can choose from. Specials, dinner, and lunch to appetizers, desserts, and beverages! You will not be disappointed, I guarantee you.

The reason why this place is important to me is because this is where I found my first love, Alfredo Fettuccine. The way it melts when you take a fork full of fettuccine and creamy shrimp. Just take a quick minute and imagine how it taste. I highly recommend you visit this place. You're missing out on some great Italian food.

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Central Park: A park full of everything!

Central Park? Oh my, you can never get bored in this place. Never. You're wondering, "well, what am I going to do in a park all day?". There's plenty of things to do from jogging, reading, picnics, swimming, fishing, and ect. There are also specific places like playgrounds, dog parks, and adult social events.

Why is this place important to me?

This place is important to me because this is one of the first places I've been to when I went to New York. I had the best time ever. It was like I was connecting to the nature. The wind blowing my hair in all different directions and the scent of trees and grass enter through my lungs. It's quite a beautiful. You should definitely consider taking your husband, kids, dogs, matter a fact, all family and just relax that one day.

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The Empire State.

New York? This state is one of the most attractive, populous, and best states in the U.S. There is so much about New York I can explain but it's just too much. Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Empire State Building, Time Square, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, & Coney Island are the most attractive places in NY. Every corner you turn are tall, gray buildings. New York is very diverse and exciting.

The first time I went to New York, I was fascinated by the tall buildings and also the people. The food was the best. I was blinded by how many taxicabs were on the street at once. I experienced my first traffic there. Don't get me wrong, the state if very populated. New York should definitely be on your bucket-list. It's a lovely place to visit. Book a flight now and let the magic begin!

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Name: Marissa

Age: 24

From: Texas

This is the best tour I've ever been on. It's so exciting and adventurous. I highly recommend this tour for anyone up for a great adventure!

Name: John

Age: 35

From: California

I am a very busy man. So for me to actually take a break and enjoy a tour is the best thing I had in months!

Name: Sara

Age: 27

From: Georgia

I love the fact that not only adults can come on this trip, but children too. It's for all ages!

How To Book A Flight!

This trip is affordable for all! Toddlers & newborns are free while children from ages 7- 12 have to pay. As well as teens from ages 13 - 17.


key = adult- (a) teens- (t) children- (c)

plane ticket: $235 (a) $145 (t) free (c)

Note: Staying in the hotel pays for everyone.

3 days in hotel: $125

5 days in hotel: $145

1 week in hotel: $165

2 weeks in hotel: $185

3 weeks in hotel: $225

Add the total of plane ticket for each person and how many days in hotel. That should tell you how much you should be spending on this trip.