Life before the Constitution

By Emily Cohen

Life as an Enslaved African American

I am a slave and so is my whole family. We work on a tobacco plantation in Virginia. We were told that all men were created equal, but yet here we are, just because of our skin color. Maybe slavery will not be outlawed in every state one day. If I was ever free, I would have nothing. I would have to start from scratch. Hopefully one day I won't be a slave.

Life as a Worker

I am a shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire. I work in a small shop. I am only paid accordiing to the number of shoes that I make. I only can use tools that I purchase myself. TIme is really hard right now. Right after the Revolutionary war ended I went into a $50 dept. I have to charge less and less for my service, and I am running out of money. I heard that a new Constitution is being written. Who do they think they are. What am I going to do?

Life as a Farmer

My whole family is a farmer. We own a small amount of land in western Massachusetts. We barely grow enough for our family and we still have to save some to sell to town. We are in huge dept because of our crop failing last year, we took out a loan and the bank is demanding it back. My whole family risked their lives in the Revolution and helped to feed the army. My friends and I decided to take part in Shays Rebellion. I am very worried about all of the power that the federal government will have.