Heifer International

Charity ending hunger and poverty

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Charity organization

Heifer organization, is a charity that is centered in ending hunger and poverty throughout the world, and to care to the Earth. The basically empower families to light a spark of hope in their souls. They make links, and bring commerce, agriculture and prosperity to areas sunk in poverty. They provide animals, in order not only to have food, but also company, and trade, a this animals are able produce items that could be traded.

Once this families reach a point where they have a sustainable income, it creates opportunities to build new infrastructures, and to start business.

This charity does not supply families with everything for a short amount of time, but instead they pretend to male this families self-reliable, so that they never have to live like that again.

But to make all this possible, someone needs to help, and that is you, just by sending them a gift you can change a family, a community and eventually the world.

Dawn of Heifer Interntional

This charity has done so much good that it is unbelievable that one man, alone, started all this.

His name was Dan West, and even though he was a mere farmer, he went to help fight in the Spanish Civil War, he had a cause. And it was one day, when he came up with a great idea, that started a chain reaction. He though what if soldiers were given a cow, instead of a cup of milk (which was insufficient).

This philosophy followed him since them, and is still remaining as the motto of Heifer International, after seventy years, and it will always remain for as long as they keep helping people.


In Heifer, they really appreciate your donations, which help them make a better place of the world. You could do monthly donations: from 10$ (which would provide a goat), up to 152$ providing a barn yard. There is also a catalog, from which they give a variety of options, for you to make them a gift, such as a chicken, cow, sheep... You could also contribute by sending money, destined to a area that you choose, veterinaries, doctors, irrigation systems... would just be examples.
Heifer charity, helps poor people in an altruistic way, expecting nothing in exchange, therefore, they ask you, to make your contribution to the cause, to start a chain reaction, fro we are all mere farmers, until we step up and do the right thing.