Kelly Pyle

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Teaching Experience

  • I completed student teaching fall semester of 2015.
  • I spent my first eight weeks in a 1st grade classroom with Page County Public Schools in Luray, VA teaching all subjects and loved the experience!
  • I spent my second eight weeks in a 5th grade classroom with Harrisonburg City Public Schools in Harrisonburg, VA teaching only math and absolutely fell in love with it!
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Job Goals

Ideally, I would love to become a 4th or 5th grade science or math teacher. I have always had a passion for science and math and would love to be able to show that in my classroom. Using a hands-on approach to learning is, I think, critical in teaching today. I love getting my hands dirty and having the opportunity to manipulate what I am working with. Teaching is a passion of mine and I hope to inspire the students I have to strive for and reach their potential.
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