paraguay project

Logan Tackett

Asuncion, Paraguay

located in south America and the borders are bolivia, argentina, brazil.the government type is democratic the president is also the gvernment his name is Haracio Cavies  

the population is 7.1 million

also 1$ in america is equal to 4792.72 paraguayan guarani

cultural activities

fun and tourist atractions


the capital is always a fun place the name of the capital is asuncion and it is know for its beautyalso another place is Itaip dam it is a cool place to visit because it is a dam and the hight is very tallOne more place is Estadio feliano caiceres wich is a place to watch scoocer and have some sports fun


Bori bori is made of meat, vegitables, and corn mealsurubi is made of fish or known AS tiger fish