Frankiln Roosevelt

Making dreams come true is when you work hard to earn it

His Dream

Running for the United States president


.He got Poliomyelitis , where he couldn't feel his legs.

. Wasn't good in school and didn't earn good grades. He didn't fit in with the other students.

.when he started out in politics, he ran in office as a democrat but he made the party mad at him, when he didn't follow their way of doing things.

.In 1920, he ran for vice president and lost

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His Childhood

Franklin grew up in Hyde park, New York and his family was wealthy. He was a third child and his parents hired private tutors for his education. His father worked in congress, served in the military, and did broadcast radio with the California democratic party. His father was a nice man and served for a lot of things but shortly died on August 13, 1991 from Parkinson's disease and a stroke at age 83.

How He Overcame His Obsticles

In school, Franklin overcame his obstacles by forming relationships with the adults in school. In college, he didn't complete law school but he was able to pass the bar exam to become a lawyer. When the democratic party got mad at him, he found a person that can help him shape his career. When he lost elections, he learned lessons in future campaigns. When he had polio, he hid the fact that he couldn't walk and didn't want to show a image of weakness.
Mini BIO - Franklin D. Roosevelt

His achievements

. He created a unemployed program for men and women during the great depression.

.He created job for hundreds of thousands of people during the great depression.

.He established social security.

.He improved relations with South American countries.

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