Resource for Teachers

By Miss Meghan

Addition Flashcard Game:

This is a simple way to practice the concepts of addition. has many variety in flashcards. This Addition Flashcard Game can be for younger students. The game is timed so it forces the adolescent student to focus and use their thinking brains. The level of addition question varies from single to double digits. Easy flashcards can get monogamist, allowing students to use an Ipad or computer to review their simple math is fun! They also get to push the number buttons, this can be fun for younger students. Giving students responsibilities, enjoying themselves, all while reviewing their math, what more could a teacher ask for!

Learn How to Read a Clock: Edtopia

This fun app is perfect for a classroom who has access to IPads. Interactive Telling Time Lite: Learning to Tell Time is Fun is free and includes fun animated clocks and animals to engage younger students. Telling time can be fun through individual or group work on this app.

The Flipped Mobile Classroom: Learning Upside Down

Learning "Upside Down" is a great way for teachers to break the habit of lectures. Through examples in each subject, you see how positive a flipped classroom is. A flipped classroom consists of technology and learning mobile.

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6 Things We Know for Sure with iPads in School

This blog includes all the classes and work teachers have to do to successfully integrate iPads into their classroom. This blog also includes all the positive outcomes classrooms have seen when integrating iPads. In our ever growing and learning education the future teachers must step up and learn the ways their students will learn best. Through 6 Things We Know for Sure with iPads in School we see the work and the finish product of iPads in the classroom!

Teen Second Life

Classrooms with tweens that have self image problems... an everyday occurrence in a middle school classroom. Teen Second Life is an assignment an 8th grade teacher gave to her students. Through avatars, the students could make their ideal self. This got this adolescents thinking. What is true beauty. This assignment made an impact on the students lives, and gave shivers down the teachers spins. If ever given an older classroom with struggling self images, this is a must do.

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The Cellphone as the New Pencil?

The Cellphone as the New Pencil speaks about the continuous growth of technology in childrens lives. Kids are texting, personalizing tweets, Facebook statusing, etc. and getting their thoughts and feelings to the world. As a teacher we want to promote the individualism. These thoughts are profoundly correct. When teaching grammar and basic english to get the message across to use their knowledge in their new forms of writing.

Teaching Critical Thinking (with Dog Food)

Teaching Critical Thinking (with Dog Food) is not only a great lesson plan but has great tips for teachers who are teaching the difficult topic of critical thinking. The three main questions that teachers should ask during critical thinking for students are, huh?, really?, and so? When getting my students to critically think about things, like cereal and dog food, these tips are vial.

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8 Tips to Power-up Your Classroom Presentations

These 8 tips to power-up your classroom presentations are GREAT! With each tip it shows the their advice and a rebuttal option. This shows you first hand how more eye catching and effective the tip can be!

Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation

When working with Elementary students you must teach life lessons. Teaching your students how to have a conversation with one another is very important in a child's live. These tips and examples can help with this common sense lesson.

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9 Strategies for Motivating Students in Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that I, personally, do not love. This post has multiple examples on how to excite your students, intrinsically and extrinsically, about mathematics.