Composting For Our School

By: Gabriella Alonzo & Amilianna Rodriguez

Our Reasons

We are here to tell you why we should have a compost bin.

We think that we should have a compost bin because, when you throw food scrapes away it will turn into compost and help the soil. If we have good soil we can use it to plant more to help the earth. We could also use this so we aren't throwing away any food, and by not wasting any food it will also help the world.

If you ever want to start a compost bin here are some helpful tips. If you want the process to go by a tad faster, you can mix if ever once in a while. You need to water it because water is what helps it live and work. Try to add fruit and vegetable peelings, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and weeds. We hope theses tips help you.

Do's and Don'ts

Composting can be good, until you put the wrong thing in it. So, here are a list of things to NOT put in a compost bin.




-Milk Cartons


If its not food, it CANNOT be in the compost bin.

Now for things you CAN put in a compost.

-Apple Cores




-Dairy Products

Anything you can eat, CAN go in, except for MEAT!!