Online Learning Pathway Newsletter

January 10-January 31, 2022

Principal's Message

Dear Online Learning Pathway families,

Happy New Year to all of you! I pray you all had a happy and healthy Christmas break. Between the cold and covid, I definitely did not get out as much as I would have liked to. My poor dog Ripple has not been happy with his enforced confinement in our house. We've had to do all sorts of "mental stimulation" with him instead.

This newsletter contains a lot of really important information about COVID updates and links to our updated Return to School Plan. If you haven't read our Superintendent's update that was sent out by email on January 7, please make sure to read it so that you know what is happening in our schools. If you don't get his emails, please contact me or one of your teachers and we can forward it to you.

Many Blessings to you all,

Renee Trottier,


Calendar Events

January 10 - School starts for all students

January 14:

  • Early dismissal at 12:00 for GSACRD students.
  • Evergreen students - asynchronous afternoon
  • National Wear a Hat day

January 24 - National Give a Compliment Day

January 26 - Bell Let's Talk for Mental Health Day

January 27 - Family Literacy Day

January 31 - No School for Evergreen and GSACRD students

GSACRD Return to School Plan and COVID Update

For the latest updates about our return to school plan and response to COVID, please click on the link below.

There are several new updates including:

  • Masking in GSACRD Schools
  • Illness, Symptoms, and Isolation
  • Positive COVID-19 Cases within our Schools
  • Vaccines
  • e-Tutoring Hub
  • GSACRD Processes When Transitioning to Online Learning
  • Assessment

Advent Service Project - EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31!

During Advent, our Online Learning Pathway will ARISE to help families in need through Chalice, a Catholic International Aid organization. We encourage families to view the Chalice catalogue and purchase items that will support families in need this holiday season. Click on the link below to view the catalogue.

We also ask that you fill out this form once you've donated so that we can keep track of donations for our class and individual prizes. The class that donates the most will win a movie afternoon in January. The individual student who donates the most will win a $20.00 Chapters gift card mailed to his/her house.

Catholic Corner

ARISE! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!

"Arise! I have appointed you as a witness

of what you have seen!"(Acts 26:16)

Our GSACRD Faith theme is in its second year of, "Arise! Get Up, Get Going and Go with God!"

This year, we are focusing on the "Get Going!" part of our theme. How do students, staff and parents know, model and witness Jesus Christ?

Why was Jesus Baptized?

On Sunday, January 9th, we celebrate the baptism of Jesus, an event that formally began the public ministry of Jesus and ends the Christmas season for us. But it's a strange event.

Why would the sinless, almighty God of the universe receive baptism alongside fallen men and women?

St. Maximus of Turin affirmed, "Christ is baptized, not to be made holy by the water, but to make the water holy." Jesus allows himself to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and numbered among us fellow sinners, assuming his role as the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world and descend into death for our salvation.

We must all be humble enough to enter into the mystery and go down into the waters of our Baptismal call to be reborn in Christ who desires for us life and life in abundance!

credit - St. Albert Catholic Parish

Mental Health and Wellness

Don't forget to check out our "Mental Health and Wellness" section on our website for wellness ideas, tips, resources and sessions that are being offered. Click on "community supports" for information about services in St. Albert and area to support you or your family.

A New Year and A New Way to Do Resolutions

Big picture
While the resolutions listed here are not bad, they just might not be the most realistic.

When it comes to goals and resolutions, keeping them specific and actionable is key. Resolutions should state HOW you are hoping accomplish the resolution. By stating the action (or the how), you are making the resolution more specific.

It would be nice to avoid all stressors, toxic people and things, but it just simply isn't realistic.

What is realistic is to make your goal/resolution about something that is within your control For example . . . "By January 31st, I will go through all of the account I follow on social media and unfollow the ones that make me feel bad about myself."

This goal/resolution has a when, how, and why. It hold the creator accountable and is reasonable! What's a resolution you have for this new year?

Credit - GSACRD Voice

Big picture

Counselling Services

OLP students have access to counselling services through their primary registered school. School counsellors are able to provide social and emotional support to students both online or at school. Counselling referrals can be made by parents or teachers. Support is provided for individual or family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through school counsellors.

Marks on PowerSchool

Please continue to check your child's marks on PowerSchool. You can set it up to send you an automatic email once per week, or every time a mark is entered which helps us parents remember to check our children's marks!

If you are unable to see your child's marks in PowerSchool, please email Renee Trottier.


If your child is going to be absent from school:

Please note - your child will be entered with an unexcused absence if we have not been informed that they will be absent.

Digital Citizenship

Although students may be learning at home, this is a gentle reminder that everyone must treat our digital spaces (Google Classroom/Google Meets) as a physical classroom. The same expectations of students are required: students must be respectful, attentive and engaged.

Did you change your contact information?

Remember to call your child's base school AND our Online Learning Pathway teachers if you changed your email address, phone number or physical address. If you're not getting communication from us, it's because we don't have your correct contact info.

Online Learning Pathway School

The Online Learning Pathway School is a partnership with Evergreen Catholic School Division and Greater St. Albert School Division. It is attended by students from Legal, Morinville, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Westlock, and Hinton. Students are learning from home in an online environment with a teacher directing lessons via Google Meet. Contact us if you have questions or comments.