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Updated December Message - December 19, 2019

St.Peter School exists to provide a nurturing environment where students become Disciples of Jesus Christ, embrace the love of lifelong learning, and believe in the dignity of all people.

Dear Family and Friends of St. Peter School,

Since the beginning of December, we have been busy! The Christmas Pageant was certainly a highlight. Thanks to all the students, families, and staff members who came out to support the concert. I hope you take a few minutes to glance at the pictures included in this newsletter. And, please take note of our newly revised Mission Statement!

As well, thanks to all the families who came on Sunday, December 15th for the special parent meeting in the Parish Hall. It is our hope that the St. Peter School community has a greater understanding of where St. Peter School is headed in the future. Some of the highlights included:

  • Focus on education that promotes attributes of what a St. Peter School graduate looks like;

  • Share and publicly post an updated Mission Statement;

  • Target learning needs of three and four year old children through the St. Peter Preschool Program, including after-school enrichment as offered through the Christopher Ripp Program;

  • Add a part - time bilingual teacher and a full time aide to support our students;

  • Maintain a school guidance counselor/social worker to help students who need support with day-to-day problems;

  • Maintain services of a special education teacher three days per week to help students with specialized learning needs;

  • Lead students to understand the relevance of faith in Jesus Christ and in His Church to their lives;

  • Continue to strengthen our student’s reading and writing skills through Readers and Writers Workshop experience, and

  • Continue to utilize personalized learning with students and provide opportunities for hands on learning in content areas, including science.

We are grateful for your input as well. Here are some of the things parents would like to see more of as part of our continued growth: Extracurricular activities such as math club, etc; More challenging academics/projects; Soccer/track; Latin/Chinese/French; Band/Orchestra; Dance; Homework with technology component, just to name a few...

As we move into a new school year, our proposed model is a Catholic School which addresses the individual and unique learning and social/emotional needs of all our St. Peter School students with the following goals in mind:

  • Ensure students progress along their individual learning pathway

  • Support students socially and emotionally

  • Ensure that students meet the expectations for what a St Peter School graduate looks like in all areas by the time they leave our school.

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you any your family a glorious Christmas and a happy, blessed 2020.

In Christ,

Mary Lou Torre, Principal

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in your faith, so that in the power of the Holy Spirit you may be rich in hope.” – Romans 15:13

Upcoming Events


December 20 - Early Dismissal - 12:30

December 23- 31 - Christmas Break

January 1 - No School - Happy New Year!

January 13 - January 23 - Middle School Exams

January 17 - Early Dismissal @ 12:30 - Professional Development for Staff

January 20 - No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 26-February 1 - Catholic Schools Week

Basketball Games

January 3 - 6:00 - 7:15 - JV Boys @ St.Mary; 7:15 - 8:15 - Varsity Boys @ St. Mary

January 7 - 6:00 - 7:15 - JV Boys @ St. Gregory; 7:15 - 8:15 - Varsity Boys @ St. Gregory

January 10 - 6:45 - 8:00 - Varsity Girls @ Danbury Community Center

January 15 - 6:45 - 8:00 - Varsity Girls @ St. Joseph Academy

January 16 - 6:00 - 7:15 - JV Boys @ 6:00 - 7:15 @ Danbury Community Center; 7:15 - 8:15 - Varsity Boys

What a St. Peter School Graduate Looks Like...

What does a St Peter's School graduate look like?

A Moral and Ethical Person Formed in the Catholic Faith Who:

  • Communicates a basic understanding of our Christian faith.

  • Participates in the sacramental life of the church.

  • Reflects on God’s word as communicated through the Bible.

  • Develops and maintains attitudes and values founded on Catholic social teaching and promotes social responsibility.

  • Speaks the language of life (i.e. recognizes that life is an unearned gift and that a person entrusted with life does not own it but that one is called to protect and cherish it.)

  • Seeks intimacy with God through prayer and worship with others.

  • Recognizes that one’s call throughout life’s journey comes from God.

  • Respects the faith traditions and spiritual journey of other world religions.

A Reflective, Creative and Holistic Person Who:

  • Evaluates situations from a moral, peaceful, and loving place.

  • Creates an atmosphere of hope, comfort, and trust.

  • Makes decisions that are based on what is good for all living things.

  • Thinks of loving and holy ways to solve situations.

An Effective Communicator Who:

  • Listens actively and critically to understand what others are saying.

  • Reads and writes clearly.

  • Presents information to others clearly, honestly, and sensitively.

  • Writes and speaks fluently in English.

  • Listens critically in light of Gospel values.

A Caring Family Member Who:

  • Ministers to the family, school, parish, and wider community through service.

  • Values and nurtures family prayer time.

  • Relates to family members lovingly, compassionately, and respectfully.

  • Demonstrates respect for life.

A Collaborative Contributor Who:

  • Works as a contributing member of the team.

  • Develops his/her God-given potential and contributes to society.

  • Respects the rights, responsibilities, and contributions of self and others.

  • Thinks critically about the meaning and purpose of work.

A Self-Directed, Responsible, Lifelong Learner Who:

  • Takes initiative and demonstrates Christian leadership.

  • Responds to, manages, and constructively influences change.

  • Applies effective communication, decision - making, problem - solving, and time/resource management skills.

  • Participates in leisure and fitness activities for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

A Responsible Citizen Who:

  • Respects and affirms the diversity and interdependence of the world’s people’s and cultures.

  • Respects the environment and uses resources wisely.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to social justice and respect for all.

  • Acts morally, ethically, and legally as a person formed in the tenets of the Catholic faith.

  • Recognizes the less fortunate and others (i.e.-veterans, those in health care facilities & homebound) and participates in programs of recognition (Memorial Day) and service including food drives

~Adapted from the Institute for Catholic Education - Ontario Catholic School Graduates Expectations