Notre dame women's basketball

Team scores Dec. 29- Jan. 30

70, 71, 74, 79, 79, 86, 87, 94, 95, 109

First you need to order your data from least to greatest. Like I did above. Then you can find the measures of central tendency. Which is Range, mode, median, and mean. For my data it would look like this...

Range. 39 -difference between the hi and low of the season

Mean. 84.4 -Average points

Mode. 79 -most often this season they have scored 79

median. 82.5 -middle of final scores

This helps my find the middle of my data, which numbers occur the most, average points per game and difference between the highest and lowest scores.

Stem and leaf plots

My stem and leaf plot shows me that the numbers of points are within a 40 point range. So some games might be tougher than others, but they are mainly a good team. I didn't even start lower than 70 so they score pretty high in their games.

Box and Whisker plots

A box and whisker plot separates my data up into different parts: maximum, minimum, quartile 1&2&3. That way i can see how spread out my data is. I can see that my data is very spread out but yet within a small range. Also again I can identify easily that they score very high in most all of their games so far.

Frequency and histograms

This helps me see what range most of their scores are in. Like most all of the games are in the 70s, but the rest are above. So it's kinda half and half. But it is very easy to tell where the most scores are. It's just a little time consuming.