Koray Tomris's 3 2 1 Introduction

3 Things to Know About me

-I'm a good gamer. I am good at League of Legends and Call of Duty. During my free time I play them.
-I am trying to be sociable person. I always care about to social relationship. So i care about what the people think about me.
- I used to play guitar. when i 12 , i began to playing guitar. However, i can't play now because of the lack of practice

Favorite Activities

- I am watching a lot of tv-series during my free time. Most of them are English and it may help my improvement of English.
- Especially when the weather is clear, i love jogging. I prepare a sandwich and a bottle of water, i go forest and i jogging

Dream Job

My department is mechanical engineering and since i was little boy, i want to be an engineer. I think, i found my dream job and i'm improving myself for achieve my dream.