Chlorine is wanted for helping Sodium give sea water its salty taste, and being one of the main components in spray paint. It is also convicted of being used by the French as bombs during WWII, being the main component in bleach and helping to clean pools.

Further information

Chlorine sightings

Carl Wilheim Scheel and Sir Humphrey Davey were the first to spot chlorine. Together, they studied it and named it Chlorus, after the greek term meaning yellow-green. Davey also helped identify Potassium, Sodium, Barium and Iodine.

How he was found

Scheel had been mixing a shiny liquid mineral with a liquid compound he called, Spiritis Salis. After a couple seconds a greenish yellow gas filled the room and temporally blinded him for 3 days.

Last seen

Chlorine was last seen in the oceans water and the Earth's crust. It is rumored that he was with the non metals in the period 3 column.

Known associates





Chlorine does not exist on its own and is always mixed with one of his pals. Hydrogen and chlorine make Hydrogen Chloride. When mixed with Fluorine and Carbon, it creates Chlorofluorocarbons, which is a synthetic material usually found in liquid form.

NaCL + H2O => NOH + HCL


Chlorine is very dangerous in its natural state. Even if you breath in 1 particle, you still feel the symptoms. Chlorine can cause serious damage to the lungs, nose and eyes. It can kill you instantly.