The Five Incredeible Actions

Hero's Of The New Era

Saved By An Angel

China's Danxia landform was recognized as a natural world heritage. And now it has become a home of a hero. This is one of the incredible actions of this century. A nine year old boy named Ung Xia and his father Zung Xia decided to climb the Danxia land form. After they had reached top Ung's father fell because of a weak rock. Ung tried to save him but instead he fell too. That is when everything changed a mysterious sprit saved Ung after that day no one has ever seen him.

The fight of Everest

The day of 2537 the Everest king will make the Everest grow larger then ever an eventually dominate the other mountains in the world. The Everest King will become the controlling emperor soon he will take over the world. Only the Hero of Everest can save the world by destroying the Everest empire. He who saves Everest will be known as Everest guardian.

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