Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

Dear Staff,

I hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend. Please see information below about a school-wide reading initiative. Please share your feedback.

Have a great week.


School Wide Reading Incentive Program

The Site Council needs your feedback.

Site Council has been discussing kicking off a school-wide reading incentive and motivation campaign. Here are the details:

Program Goals:

1. Increase the amount of time students are reading at home

2. Create an expectation for reading (20 minutes) that is school-wide

3. Provide school-wide and class-wide incentives for reaching reading minutes goals

4. Provide parents with support if there are barriers to reading 20 minutes per night

Program Description:

· All Parkdale students would be expected to read at least 20 minutes each night

· Site Council has developed a uniform reading log that can be used by families from one year to the next (hoping that a uniform tracking system and familiarity will reduce a potential barrier)

· Students would receive a new form on Monday of each week. The form would be turned in on Fridays to teachers.Teacher can choose to do what they wish with the form.

· 5th grade ambassadors would pick up the forms from the previous week on Monday to tally toward our school-wide goal.

- We are considering ideas for school wide incentives for when the school reaches a set goal (Mr. Hedberg shaving his head was one that I wasn't too crazy about). We are also considering some class incentives...skate party, etc...

Please share your thoughts and ideas with your team's site council rep. Please see the reading log attached below...

Growth Mindset at Parkdale Elementary

The Growth Mindset strategy of the week this week is...

· Model and teach getting excited when the task gets challenging; “The brain is growing”.

Other ideas that we came up with as a staff are linked below:

Teaching the Mountaineer Expectations: Week 17

Same and Different Feelings

We all want to have friends here at school. But people can have similar or different feelings about the same situation. For example, I might feel scared to climb up high, and my friend might feel excited. Learning to respect other people’s feelings can help us make and keep friends! This week, notice other people’s feelings and whether they’re the same or different from yours

Events This Week...

This Week:

Monday 1/18


Tuesday 1/19

2:15 PM – BEST Meeting

Wednesday 1/20

2:20 Math Fluency Meeting

January Growth Coach Mtg – (Holly’s RM)

Thursday 1/21

Friday 1/22

2:10 PM – Reading Intervention Meeting

Upcoming Dates

· 1/25 GREEN DAY

· 1/26 7:00 AM – Safety Meeting

· 1/26 2:20 PM - Fun Committee

· 1/27 9:00 AM – Fire Drill

· 1/27 RTI District – Rhonda, Mara, Elise

· 1/28 ELPA Planning Meeting

· 1/29 Classified Timesheets Due

· 1/29 8:00 AM Gr. 5 Rotary Dictionaries

· 1/29 2:10 PM Reading Intervention Meeting

Have a great week!!

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