Sanger Rainsford

The "Game" Winner

Facts about Rainsford

He is the protagonist in the story. He is a adventurous big-game hunter. He was fighting on the front lines of World War I and he has hunted the most exotic animals in different areas. Has short brown hair and is not that very old. He falls off his yacht and is forced to swim towards a castle where he is going to be in grave danger.

Dynamic Character

At the end of the story Rainsford has changed a lot. In the beginning Rainsford believed that animals felt no fear or pain when they are getting hunted. In the story Rainsford meets a General named Zaroff and he likes to hunt humans! Zaroff had a game that Rainsford would have to run and hide before he catches him and kills him. Rainsford was Zaroff's prey and he had to hide longer then 3 days. At the end of the story Rainsford did realize that animals do feel pain and fear while getting hunted because he was getting hunted as well. Rainsford felt scared and pain when he was hiding from Zaroff and now he realizes that animals feel the same way when they are hiding from Rainsford.

Some of the Characters in the Story