A Legacy of Giving e-Newsletter

September 15, 2016

We Appreciate YOU

As we all settle in to our new routines with students, colleagues, and the multitude of tasks we tackle each week, I am reminded of how honored and grateful I am to serve alongside you in creating a better world with and for our children. It's so much more than a cliche, or perhaps just an overused phrase, for us as educators. We are truly a team - a community - banding together to provide the opportunity for our kiddos to first look within themselves, and then step outside of themselves to interact with their larger world and to "be the change" they wish to see for their futures. Thank you for saying YES to our partnership. Thank you for making time for training, planning, and implementation of our program. Thank you for stepping up and engaging your students in this process. Thank you for being the Team of Us!

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Legacy and Your Campus Media and Goals

We'd love to be listed on your campus and district websites as a Community Partner, and the logo below may be copied and used to display our partnership on any media outlet.

Since it's also time for administrators to outline Campus Improvement Plans, it's important to note that all Legacy curriculum and events fulfill multiple campus Performance Objectives with specific CI Strategies. They should be included in those CIPs and in your Evaluation of Campus Performance in Community and Student Engagement scorecard under: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL,) Community and Parental Involvement, as well as Dropout Prevention Strategies.

Let me know if you need a different logo format for posting, any information for a blurb about our organization, or alignment verbiage for specific CIP objectives.

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