Welcoming Spring!

March 19, 2020 marks the first day of spring!

Weekly Nature Note

Big picture

What is happening in nature this week?

The Monarchs’ migration north has begun! There has been a heat wave in Mexico this spring where the Monarchs overwinter, and it has them on the move, leaving their sanctuaries and beginning the more than 2,000 mile journey to New England.

Learn more from naturalist Mary Holland, HERE!


Nature activity of the week

Celebrating Spring!

The beginning of spring is a special time! Early signs of springs include the warmer days, the migrating birds, and the breeding amphibians.

This week, could you think of a special way to celebrate or commemorate spring?

Maybe you’d like to write a spring poem or a spring song?

Or go on a birdwatching hike?

In some places like Bulgaria, many people wear a yarn bracelet doll around their wrist and tie it onto the first flowering tree they see!


Weekly Video

Weed of the Week: Wild Garlic 3/16/2020


Hike of the Week

Steep Rock Preserve

Each week we will share a kid-friendly hike or other outdoor adventure.

Click HERE for information on visiting the giant train tunnel at Steep Rock Preserve!


About this series

Our programs for children at Common Ground are place based, hands on, and focus on community, friendship, and nature based learning and play.

In this time of program closure and social distancing, we are seeking to support families and children in getting outside in safe and healthy ways. We hope this series provides content and activities to help your family engage in nature based learning in your own backyard.

This series is adapted from content created by the Common Ground NatureYear Teachers, who are sharing distance learning with their students this spring.