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My sister’s First Exposure to E Cigarettes!!

My first exposure to e cigarettes was a few years ago and till date, I have been vaping these battery operated devices. It is because I am completely satisfied with the experience so far. I tried using several brands but the best, as per my perception is South Beach Smoke. Since my sister is a smoker, I insisted her to switch towards it. I explained her all the benefits related to e cigarettes. Well, she was impressed to quite an extent. But she wanted to do a bit of research. She read a few e cigarette reviews before making up her mind. Well I was very glad that finally I did it. One week later, I finally ordered a packet of South Beach Smoke e cigarette for her.

I ordered a South Beach Smoke starter kit pack which contained a battery, 4 cartridges and a USB charger for the battery that can be plugged easily into the computer. Just within few days, we received the order. My sister was happy to see the kit but still she was confused at some point whether she would feel the same or not. First of all, we opened it and recharged the battery. It took about four hours to charge up and once I screwed in the cartridge my sister was set to go.

The best thing for me was that I was able to convince my sister. After my sister started vaping, she was completely lost. I could easily identify that by seeing her facial expression. She told me that she still felt as if she was smoking. She was completely impressed and till today, she has been vaping e cigarettes.