MTPS Update


Dear Millstone Primary Families,

I hope a return to school and reuniting with peers and teachers brought some sense of normalcy back to everyone's typical routine. I know we have a ways to go before we are completely "back," but we will get there if we continue to follow the guidelines put forth in our reopening plan!

As we flip the calendar to October, I'd like to thank everyone for your patience and positivity. The students seem genuinely happy to be in school again, whether in person or remote, and laughter has returned to the classrooms! This has been a complete team effort and I look forward to more successes as the schooldays continue.

There are a couple of housekeeping items I would like to address and I appreciate everyone's responsiveness in advance.

Assessments- we are going to begin fall benchmark assessments in the upcoming weeks. When assigned to your child, it is very important that they work independently and in a distraction-free environment. Data from these assessments are used by the teachers to support personalized instruction and appropriate student grouping in the classroom. The authenticity of the data is paramount for our instructional practices and to prescribe the most appropriate learning trajectory for your child.

Student Drop-off Lane- we continue to review our procedure so that it runs as seamless as possible. To ensure safety and efficiency we kindly ask that parents stay in their cars, when possible. We have a number of staff on duty that can assist students to exit the back seat. Please strongly consider this option to avoid a delay in arrival, which causes bus traffic on Schoolhouse Road. To help expedite the process, students should move to the passenger side of the vehicle and have all of their belongings with them in the back seat.

Masks- Students are doing amazing with keeping their masks on! Our initial trepidation of kids in masks for extended periods of time appears to be a nonissue (honestly, they are more comfortable with the masks than I am). The only masks that we have asked students to remove are neck gaiters because they do not have multiple layers of fabric for protection.

Halloween- We are currently working on a plan to celebrate Halloween with our little ghosts and goblins! More information will be forthcoming as the logistics and safety measures are ironed out.

I hope everyone enjoys this perfect fall weather and all of the festivities and traditions that come along with it. As always, please reach out should you need anything.

Go Yankees!

Dr. Paul Baker


Millstone Primary School

Vision Statement

We envision a unique, inclusive learning community at the forefront of education.

Parents, staff and students will model and promote individuality, integrity, respect,
and civic and social responsibility.

Through an engaging, innovative curriculum, we will challenge students to become independent, self-directed learners who are adaptive problem solvers inspired to impact and thrive in an evolving society.

In realizing this vision, we will establish our community as an exemplary leader in education.