Come to our silurian period event

It's were you can see species that were never seen before.

Things that happen during the Silurian period.

The coral reefs develop, ice began to melt, and sea level began to rise. And early continents collide with what is now North America, and was forming mountains. Since ice began to melt because the climate was getting hotter than ever the sea level was beginning to rise.

The life that was in the silurian period.

Wednesday, April 6th, 5-10pm

307 East Monroe Street

Mount Pleasant, IA

Fish was being developed, so was creepy- crawlies and plant life

Things you would like to see and things you need on this trip.

You will be able to see sea creatures you never seen before. but the things you need on this trip is scuba gear ( if you don't have any we got some. It can also be a swim suit.) You need to bring food, and night gear. (like something you wear in the night.)