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Special edition of Flat Connections Global News, June 2019

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About this resource....

This resource has been compiled in support of the Global Collaboration Summit organised by the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN, June 2019. It shares the online global collaborative work of Julie Lindsay and the organisation, Flat Connections. It also provides inspiration for educators globally to connect and develop deeper understanding of how to implement new learning modes that are online, global and collaborative.
Global Collaboration Summit 2019 FULL resources

Enjoy browsing this website that compiles ALL contributors to the ISTE Global Collaboration Summit, June10-14, 2019

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Julie Lindsay - The Global Educator and Collaborator
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The Global Collaborator Mindset

Julie's recent PhD research has revealed the tangible presence of a 'global collaborator mindset' that supports and influences educator participation in online global collaborative learning. The four attributes of the Global Collaborator Mindset are:

  • Connection
  • Openness
  • Autonomy
  • Innovation

Are YOU developing a global collaborator mindset?

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Watch the video below 'The Global Collaborator Mindset', a mock up of the presentation 'Ted-talk' Julie delivered to the National Future Schools Conference in Melbourne, Australia in March 2019.

Global Narratives - Collaboration on the Edge

This Keynote trilogy was originally shared for the K12 Online Conference in 2016 -

Explore collaboration ‘on the edge’ and learn from many online global educators and students across the world as they build collaborative learning communities and co-created outcomes. The narrative of educators working on the edge of collaborative learning is as revealing as it is entertaining - and this trilogy will inform, inspire and provide resources for all learners.

Part 1 - Spotlight on Collaborative Learning

What is online global collaboration? Is it a pedagogy? A curriculum? Who is doing it and how?

Part 2 - Making Online Global Collaboration Work

Part 3 - What if we Collaborated Globally?
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The following video is from 2018 and shows the variety of global projects available through Flat Connections.
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Flat Connections CEO and Founder, Julie Lindsay

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