A.I.D.S / H.I.V

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The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection

What are A.I.D.S / H.I.V?

Aids is a disease that attacks the immune system, causes brain illness and cancer. A.I.D.S stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and it can start a few ways blood, mothers milk and many more. aids may also take a while to develop around ten to fifteen years.

Where can you find A.I.D.S / H.I.V?

Aids can be found in many places but some of the most cases are in south Africa and South Asia. Some minor cases are found in India and Europe. But we do have some here in america and truly there could be cases every where in the world, there could be some even in your home town in Midlothian.

Myths about A.I.D.S / H.I.V

A.I.D.S can come in a lot of ways but these aren't some such as, insect bites, toilet seats, kissing, sharing cutlery, touching, air, new or sterilized needles, water, musical instruments, tattoos piercing, sweat, tears and urine are most of the ways that you CANT get aids.

Symptoms of AIDS/HIV

With A.I.D.S you can get pain in the abdomen you could have the coughs and a lot of others things involving your whole body.
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This is what H.I.V/A.I.D.S does to your precious skin.