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Successful Author Visit at Three FHSD Middle Schools

April Henry spoke to over 400 Bryan students, over 800 FHM students, and over 150 Saeger students on May 5th. Students were completely enthralled by Henry's presentation which included a slideshow of family photos and book details. The award-winning author explained how she participates in the FBI Academy for authors and can single-handedly get out of a pair of handcuffs or slip ties. Students asked great questions about how Henry came to write her stories as well as what the process was like. Afterwards, Henry stayed to sign all copies of her books making her fans extremely happy!

MOREnet Info

Do you currently have links to Searchasaurus, Kids Search and/or Student Research Center on your website? These interfaces will be discontinued in June. Please remove these links and add links to the Explora interfaces instead. All new links can be found here.

St. Charles City-County Public Library Summer Reading

Registration for the summer reading program through the public library will be online this year. The registration link is is youranswerplace.org/SummerReading. It's not too late to offer an incentive for students who sign up while at school. We all know that treats go a long way to entice students!

Also, check out the link for information about summer contests for coloring, bookmarks, and photography! What a great way to encourage our readers!

LMS PD for 16-17

Next year we will spend the year learning more about what it means to be a 21C LMS. The Evolving LMS series will take us through many of the components addressed in our new NEE evaluation tool. Topics such as marketing your space, coding, literacy trends, etc. will be covered and another Edcamp is scheduled as well. Guest presenters will include Kim Lindskog from the Parkway School District and Maggie Melson from the St. Charles City-County Public Libraries as well as FHSD's own April Burton and Betsy Rivas.

Now that your usage numbers have been gathered, take a moment to think about what goals you can set for yourself and your space in 16-17!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It has been another successful school year! Thank you for all you do for the students of FHSD. I have collected all the data for the school year and more than likely will be disaggregating it as you read this. Many of you have requested a copy of that data. I will send that to you after I get it cleaned up. I will also send you a copy of the PLC comparative data that will be presented to principals in August. I will be presenting that data to the principals this year so that I can answer any questions they might have.

I encourage to sit down with your principals and go over this data as well as any highlights from the year. Advocacy for our jobs and our spaces begins with each of us.

Enjoy your summer!

Check out these Summer PD Opportunities!

FREE Edcamp on June 4th!

The St. Charles School District will be offering a FREE Edcamp opportunity on June 4th, 2016 from 8 am - noon at Jeferson Intermediate School. Everyone can sign up at: https://sites.google.com/a/stcharlessd.org/edcamp-scsd/ by clicking on the registration tab.

We all experienced the learning opportunities available through an edcamp format at our last PD. This will be another great opportunity to share, learn, and grow! Registrations are limited to 200 people, so register soon if you plan to attend!