Johnsons plan

Kristy Astudillo

overview of plan

Soon after Johnson became president he announced his reconstruction plan. Johnson's plan was to rebuild the united states by readmitting southern states once they had rewritten their states constitution, recreated their state government, repealed secession, and ratify they 13th amendment. He wanted to provide enough support for the south.
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Freedmens bureau

(what is it?)

It is an agency that was created by the government that protected and help newly freed African Americans find a home, education, a job and a better life for them. This was established in 1865.

(Johnson's response)

Johnson disagreed with this and he tried to veto it. He didn't like the idea of helping and protecting them.

civil rights act 1866

(what is it)

This was civil rights the legeslation granted all citizens full and equal benefits of all laws and security of a person.

(johnsons response)

Johnson did not like this act. He veto this bill and was contributing with the radical republicans.

black codes

(what is it)

This was designed to restrict frees black activity. It was ti regain control over the freed slaves and inhibit freedom of freed slaves

(jonshons response)

He reestablished civil authority in the former confederate states. Johnson was pro slavery so he was for this.

written response

I feel like the issue with slaver was better before the civil war ended. Johnson is trying to make things helpful for the slaves but its not working. Every offer that the congress gives him he vetoes it.