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In order to run for the presidential position you must be at least 35 years old, be a native born citizen, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities

The president of the united states had 7 main jobs as president, these include: chief executive, chief diplomat, commander-in-chief, legislative leader, head of state, economic leader, and party leader. The president has to carry out all of theses roles at once in order to keeps things running smoothly.

Chief Executive:

- the president is in charge of 15 cabinet departments

- executive order (a rule or command that has the force of law without congressional approval)

Chief Diplomat:

- the president directs foreign policy

- executive agreement (agreements with foreign leaders that are not approved by congress)

-basically like a treaty but doesn't pass congress


- the president is in charge of the armed forces

- only the president can order American soldiers into battle

- the constitution is what gives the president the role of commander-in-chief

Legislative Leader:

- president must sign bills into law (power to veto)

- president has a legislative program (legislative agenda is given to congress in the annual state of union address)

Head of State:

- ceremonial role (represents America at special occasions and ceremonies)

- the president acts as a living symbol of the united states

Economic Leader:

- the president deals with several economic issues (inflation, unemployment rates, and heavy taxes)

- president plans the federal governments budget every year

Party Leader:

- the president is viewed as the leader of his/her political party

- select's party's national chairperson

- president helps the party raise money and funds

Compensation and Benefits

The president has been paid $400,000 a year since 2001. He/she also gets additional money for expenses and travel. Along with getting the use of camp david, the president also has access to a fleet of cars, Air Force One, and several other planes and helicopters.
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