Empowering Communities

Meet OpenLETS

OpenLETS is a community management platform that provides group managers and their members a set of tools to communicate, collaborate, manage projects, share Information, publish content, build a personalized profile and even trade with their own community currency.

So, What Is A "Community" Anyway ?

A Community is a group of people that share common interests and goals, that wish to communicate with one another and have a desire to collaborate.

A Community can be a Youth Movement, a Neighborhood, a Family, a School, a College, a Company or every group of people with a shared interest.

What Tools Does OpenLETS provide ?

Community needs are diverse and change from community to community. However, there are several needs that are common to all communities:

  • Personal profile and the necessity of getting to know each other.

  • Multi-participant communication between all the community members.

  • Community blogs, content and articles area.

  • Project collaboration and tasks management.

  • Conversation space for updating and sharing information.

  • Exchanging of goods and services either as gifts or by using a Complementary Coin issued by, and for, the community.

Last but not least, a community need a dynamic platform that can change and adjust easily according to her own unique needs.

What...There Is More ???

All of this is granted by OpenLETS to her communities with a high level of members privacy and strict security standards. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, OpenLETS is always evolving and developing new and easy-to-use plugins to make your community life more convenient, more powerful, and much more exciting.