STEM Innovation Grant Newsletter

December, 2015

Celebrating Success!

Congratulations on a successful first semester of STEM focused PBL implementation! We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication to this work and join in celebrating your success. You are truly transforming the learning experience for students to accelerate achievement in math and science.

As the semester comes to a close, we wish you a time of rest, time with family and friends and the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Happy Holidays!

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Visiting the Professional Development Lab Schools - STEM PBL in Action!

PDLS site visits are incredible opportunities to see STEM focused PBL in action with students. Many thanks to the teachers at Mulberry Elementary, Duluth Middle and Peachtree Ridge High School for their willingness to share strategies, lessons learned and implementation plans.

Described by visitors as the most effective and practical professional learning experience they have attended, the site visits are unique opportunities to observe not only your grade level or course, but to observe other grade levels and grade bands to understand the vertical alignment and progression of this important work. Please contact your STEM administrator for registration information.

Duluth Middle School

Wednesday, December 9th 10:00 – 12:30

Stay tuned for future visitation dates at our professional development lab schools.

Spotlight on the Essential Design Elements: Sustained Inquiry

John Larmer

Editor in Chief, Buck Institute for Education

"The concept of inquiry has always been one of the most challenging elements of PBL to explain. To most people, 'inquiry' basically means 'research' . . . but in PBL it means so much more than that."

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Research-Based Practices for Engaging Students in STEM Learning

Vanessa Vega

Former Edutopia Senior Manager of Research

And the STEMMY PBL Award goes to . . .

These teachers were nominated by their colleagues in recognition of their exemplary work implementing STEM focused project based learning. Congratulations to these transformational teachers!

Abra Summers, Peachtree Ridge High School

"Although Abra is a Language Arts teacher, she has taken on her role as 9th grade Spire Biology/Language Arts teacher with enthusiasm! She has developed a totally new way to support the Biology content. She is AWESOME!"

Crystal Trainer, Julie Bailey, Melissa Milando, & Ramsey Malone, Mulberry Elementary School

"The second grade team has created and implemented two phenomenal PBL units. Their hard work, creativity and student centered design have inspired their students!"

Michelle C. Smith, Discovery High School

"Ms. Smith always integrates Math, Science, Engineering and Technology into her course assignments. Her last PBL required students to work together to create a business and purchase computer equipment. This incorporated skills from all courses."

Jennifer Smith, White Oak Elementary School

"This teacher has gone above and beyond to develop a classroom centered around math and science PBL. She started a TED Ed club for her students, developed a deep science focus where students are able to work with real scientists in the field, and helps students find real world uses for math concepts. She also took a group to GaETC to present on their paperless classroom and how they integrate their math and science into technology on a daily basis."


Do you know a teacher who is implementing exemplary STEM focused PBL? A teacher who has transformed instruction in their classroom and engages students in active learning? Nominate them for the STEMMY PBL Award!

These monthly awards will be given to a teacher at each level to recognize excellence in Math and Science content integration. What better way to honor the work of a colleague?