Group #6



Your task is to use the tools at your disposal (the internet, mostly) to research the topic of miscegenation, teach the concept to the rest of the class, and guide the class through making connections to A Rose for Emily.

Things to Focus on:

  • A solid definition (one your group writes in your own words)
  • What did miscegenation look like in Mississippi in the early 1900s?
  • Do miscegenation laws match what was considered socially acceptable? Why or why not?

Don't forget to connect the topic to A Rose for Emily. Identify parts of the story which display miscegenation.

Include pieces of direct text evidence in your presentation (this means quotations--with page numbers--either written out or spoken)

How to Present

You may present this information to the class however you want to. Try to use a combination of images, text, and speech to teach the rest of the class.

Some suggestions include:

  • A single PowerPoint/Google Slides slide as a poster
  • A whole PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation
  • A PicCollage (
  • Elaborate interpretive dance number (with informative narrative, of course)
  • Any other idea you come up with, provided you clear it with Miss Jensen or Ms. Sloan

Have fun!