the mind is the tool.

Job Description: Psychologist

Psychology is the study of human thought, emotion, attitudes and behaviour. They either have the choice of being a clinical,counselling and school psychology. In this case of my choosing I aim to be a clincal psychologist as that requires one to study and practise a variety of cognitive and emotional based issues. A clinical psychologist is obligated to have a thorough clinical knowledge of the purpose, undertstanding, prevention, relieving psychologically based cocerns of distress or dysfunction and to promote a healthy-wellbeing and life-style. By making sure that they achieve these outcomes successfully it is essential that they asses the individial condition and engage in research and consult with the patient by carrying out a number of diagnostic tests.

Qulaifications and Educational requirements

In terms of what psychological career one chooses they are still subjected to finish their schooling and then enroll into university studying the desired psychology they choose prefferably taking up subjects like sociology and phsychology and then furthering their knowledge by doing a doctoral degree or PHD are then elligible to take part in various roles in the psycholgy department.

How will you pay for your education?

Paying for higher education like university or higher teritary courses is no responsibilty parents should take on. To lessen the ordeal of stressing ,take up a part-time job or try out for a scholarship not only tests your skills but will also become of a greater assistance if you are entitled to a larger discount than most others. If you are not elligible for a scholarship then there is always the option of paying a loan of a hecs payment which may depend on the university you may attend providing additional opportunities like a 10% discount.

Specific skills required for the job

Skills that are specified for the job include being naturally patient, having a good ear to listen to the client's concerns, flexibilty, having the ability to empathise with the clients and to really get an idea of what exactly the client is going through at the time, being able to perceive how people feel(assessing their moods). Other skills that one can improve on are quickining the pace of their writing being able to quickly jott down notes as the client conferrs with them. As you are applying for the role of a pyschologist it is anything but imperative that you have social skills being able to interact with clients in a sweet tone, making sure that the individual feels comfortable so that they will eventually be able to trust you and open up to the trouble they are experiencing. Above all, though if the thought of helping people appeals to you that iteslf is the greatest skill anyone can have as it will drive them to further their profession and will naturally learn the other skills required for the role of being a great psychologist.

Type of employment

There are various types of employment involving certain sorts of employment that the individual may chose to suit their preferencial needs. In this case, I personally would like to start off as a physchologist who is volunteers to get a taste of what it is like to treat people and the knowledge you will gain from it ,learning as you go. If that seems to go well then I would like to take up a full-time position in an independent practise to really take the next step and further my profession in the way that I can by making a difference and being a sort of aid to those who need the help they can get in terms of ther mentality.

Approximate Income

Generally the income an psychologst earns is determined by the the level of education you have taken, the area in which you work for and the number of years of experience, On an average a clinical pyschologist earns approximately about $47,685- $133,126.

What interests you about the field?

I find the idea of psycholoy quite fascinating. It appeals to me on a level that may seem quite irrational at first but to understand why people do things certain ways, learn the motives behind their thoughts,to really get a picture of what goes through the young minds of society these days. In the figurative sense it's like delving into the minds of the old and the young and finding out why people fear of things that may drive them to extreme measures. The other aspect is the power that people think they hold, the influences of the crazed-media, politics, why they have a very obsessive and critisisve natures towards such harmless inconsequential matters seems all so absurd to me. Why, Why, Why?All in all, helping people in the way you can in the best possible way is self-gratifying, knowing that you have done something to change the way one thinks for the better to let them know that they have the opportunity of changing these negative thoughts they dwell on that could potentially (if we're lucky) lead to confident individuals who have a better mindsets, to have a better lifestlye fullfilling the things they want in life without a fear or anxious thought ever coming across them.