Moving On Up

By: Esha Kashaboina

Perseverance in Life

Life is filled with adversities, mistakes, and hardships. It is not the hardships that describe life; life can be described as the way a person gets back up from those challenges. The resilience that a person has can be explained in the way this person lives their life. Perseverance is a piece of life. Perseverance can be defined as a tenacity for a person to reach success despite the obstacles in their way.

Eleanor Roosevelt Triumphs vs Winston Churchill Triumphs: Compare/Contrast

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Jackie Robinson's Adversities Affected by Time Period: Cause/Effect

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Maury Wills Works for Success: Problem/Solution

Maury Wills was a former American Major League Baseball player. He had earned his success after many years of rejection and failure. Maury Wills started out in a tryout in 1950. He was a small baseball player, but was in general, a talented player. The text states, " When he first tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950, he stood five feet eight inches tall and weighed 150 pounds--too small to play most positions. he was a terrific sprinter, a promising pitcher, and a good fielder, but he couldn't hit worth a darn" (Kersey 152). The major struggle for Maury Wills was that his hitting was inadequate to play for the major leagues. Maury Wills remained in the minor leagues for eight and a half years. His hitting had gotten him in the minor leagues. To advance his hitting skills, Maury practiced hitting with the team manager, Bobby Bragan. Bobby coached Maury to hit in various ways. The text states, "Every day, Maury practiced hitting for hours. Yet after years of grueling practice and drills, he was still far short of making a major league roster... During practice one day, the team manager, Bobby Bragan, watched as Maury took a couple of swings at the plate from the left side. Bobby knew Maury was afraid of getting hit in the head with a curve ball, and Bobby knew if a player couldn't hit a curve ball... Bobby suggested Maury try 'switch-hitting'-learning to hit left-handed as well as right­-handed so he would feel safer batting" (Kersey 153). In his eighth year in the minor league, Maury was able to play in the major league. His batting had not improved. To resolve this matter, Maury Wills began to practice with Pete Reiser, the first base coach. Maury met with Pete for two hours before the team's meet. Maury practiced uncontrollably and with great conviction. Pete realized that Maury's confidence was an immense part of what Maury was missing. Pete focused on Maury's mental part and his hitting. Maury Wills was able to triumph in the end as he broke a major record and became a famous baseball player of the Dodgers.

Steps to Fame for Tom Monaghan: Chronological/Sequencing

Tom Monaghan's story begins when Tom was in college. He had wanted to set up his very own pizzeria near the campus of his university. When school actually ended, Tom lost 75% of his business went down. Tom performed every task himself to raise his business up again. The text states, " When school ended, business dropped 75%. Through the summer, Tom practically lived at the shop, performing every task himself--making the sauce and fresh dough daily, preparing the vegetable and meat toppings, and dicing cheese for what seemed like hours on end" (Kersey 272). Later on, Tom faltered again as he declared bankruptcy. He had to pay $20,000 for his partner's share in the business. Then, Tom slowly paid off debt as he worked eighteen hours each day. The text states, "His business grew, and slowly Tom paid off the bad debt that incurred during his former partnership. He worked eighteen hour days--from 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 A.M. the following morning--seven days a week" (Kersey 272). Two years after his last partnership, Tom's new partner obtained bankruptcy. Once again, Tom went back to making pizza. This action led Tom to pay off $50,000 from $75,000. As success came, another tragic event occurred. After a few years, a fire wiped out his store. To cover all his costs, Tom was resilient enough to go back to making pizzas. His business continued to develop as he opened a dozen pizzerias. Later on, his pizzerias were out of cash. With 1.5 million to pay, he was about to face bankruptcy again. In the few years ahead, Tom lost the hold of his business. However, this did not encumber Tom. Over the next several years, Tom slowly built up his business. Tom became one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Adversities from Leukemia from "Ways to Live Forever" by Sally Nicholls: Description

Leukemia is a type of cancer which was an adversity for the main character in the book, Ways to Live Forever. Sam is an eleven year old boy living with leukemia. Leukemia is a major setback for Sam and his family. Sam continues to live out his life as if he was a normal boy. He had never stayed idle as Sam had his ways to live. Leukemia is an adversity for people all around the world. Leukemia is specifically a cancer of the body's blood forming tissues. This also includes the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. When a person has leukemia, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells which don't function right. White blood cells help the body fight infections and diseases. Leukemia white blood cells are quite the opposite. Also, there could be abnormal amounts of platelets. Some forms of leukemia are more common in children than adults. Some causes of leukemia are cell are cell abnormalities or that some blood cells are mutated in their DNA. There are chances of a person getting leukemia if they have a genetic disorder, they smoke, they have a family history of leukemia, or if they are exposed to chemicals. By looking at the bone marrow from the hip bone, doctors are able to find out if there are any leukemia cells (Mayo Clinic Staff). Leukemia is primary adversity in Sam's life as well as many others.

Perseverance in Our Lives

We can learn from the perseverance of other people to overcome our own adversities that in a life there will be numerous adversities in the way. In order to overcome and achieve something out of them, we have to go beyond them. The only person that can advise someone to keep running is themselves. Today's world is filled with challenges any path someone takes. We have to be resilient enough to make ourselves fight harder the next time we come face to face with an adversity. The world is a road where everyone displays their perseverance, and we eventually triumph in the end of it.
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