5th Grade

Keefe, Kingsley & Ward

Upcoming Events

October 14th: Unit 1 Math Test

Punch Club

For all future punch clubs, students will not be able to attend the celebration if they have missing or outstanding assignments. This includes assignments that are due on the day of punch club. In addition, your child can not have more than three total late assignments over the course of the month in order to earn punch club. Assignments must be completed by the start of the day. Assignments completed during recess or study hall will not be considered on time.

Also, students have to have a least one more sticker than they have punches. Each additional month, this requirement will increase by one.

Pewaukee Youth Levi Leadership Program

What is it?

The goal of the youth program is that as the future young leaders in Pewaukee, students are able to:

  • Gain an awareness of the need for community service, civic participation, and philanthropy
  • Increase familiarity with areas in Pewaukee beyond your immediate neighborhood and school
  • Interact with adult leaders in private, public, and non-profit sectors
  • Acquire a network of adult and youth leaders in Waukesha County, forming an excellent basis for your academic and professional success

Extra Details:

Meetings are held at the Pewaukee Public Library from 4:00 - 5:00 on the specified dates below. For more information and sign up, please ask your homeroom teacher for a copy of the application and cover sheet.

November 5th and 19th

January 7th and 21st

February 4th and 18th

March 3rd and 17th

April 7th and 21st

May 5th and 19th


Practicing Reader's Theater and Caldecott books are a must! Using our voice will help our Kindergarten Buddies to understand how important punctuation and expression are while reading orally.

Literal questions are restated right in the book where as interpretive questions leads us to think more deeply, to wonder, or to do more reading. We need to use our prior knowledge, image ourselves in the situation and think beyond the words to help us develop stronger comprehension as we read. Hopefully this can guide you a few nights a week while you read with your child. Also, we are beginning our second unit of study of book clubs, looking closely at characters and themes.


Students have put in 3 weeks-worth of energy and attention into drafting, re-drafting, and revising a personal narrative essay. Next week, students will complete the writing process by editing their draft to make a final published piece.

Students took the second spelling test on Thursday and their spelling/grammar packet was due the Wednesday prior. There will continue to be spelling/grammar packets due bi-weekly, and inside, there will always be a parent section. We ask that you complete this one page with your child. These pages usually require a two-part activity. Many students only completed one of two activities on the last two pages - I ask that you carefully read the directions with your child to complete the section appropriately.


Are fraction unit is coming to a close on Wednesday with the final assessment. The focus of the assessment will be solving real world problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers. To help prepare for this, each class has created a Google Presentation consisting of their own word problems. We will be using these as part of our review.

In addition, here is a link to the review sheet students will use to study for this test. Please take a look at the Unit 1 Math Webpage for additional practice and activities for your child.

Social Studies

Social Studies students (Keefe's and Kinsley's classes) are learning about the earliest colonies settled by English colonists. Students are also practicing their geography skills and becoming more aware of current events on a daily basis.


Our corn seeds have started to sprout! Our class has started to see that our corn is growing better in the organic material verse the inorganic material. We will be taking our final measurements on our plants this week.

The big question for our next experiment is: Will fungus grow better from a wooden plug or a wooden plug with mycelium. Using what they have learned about fungus so far, the students predicted that the fungus would grow better on the wooden plug with mycelium. The class learned that mycelium is the main part of a fungus; it spreads out and provides the nutrients for the fungus.

As we are waiting for our fungus and plants to grow, we will be studying producers, consumers, and decomposers. Students will be creating food chains modeling the relationship between producers and consumers. This is the final concept in our Ecosystem unit.

As we are wrapping up our Ecosystem unit, we will have a unit test. Here is a link to the study guide that students can use to prepare for this assessment.

Accelerated Math - Mrs. Quick

This week in math, we took our Unit 1 test on Adding and Subtracting Fractions. We also spent some time presenting our class slideshow/Google Presentation of real-world addition and subtraction of fractions problems that each student created as a review for the test. We reviewed early concepts from Unit 2, and have covered reading, writing, and comparing decimals to thousandths up to this point. Students are already seeing the connection between our fraction unit, and how fractions relate to decimals and percents.
Band Practice Schedule

Please help us out by looking into your student's band schedule. Remind them of the day of the week they have practice and the time. Next week will be the "black week."