Effects of Human Rights Violations

human rights violations

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  • Unfortunately, some countries violate human rights.
  • Some governments take control over citizens’ rights to use the Internet.
  • Citizens who express opinions on the Internet are imprisoned.
  • Human rights violations happen around the world, which negatively affects people physically and mentally.

The People Who Are Having Their Rights Violated

  • Thousands of citizen’s rights are being violated all around the world.
  • Acts are being done such as governments ruling out others because of their race, injuring one another and much more.
  • Happening in Israel is the violation toward Jews such as Africans. Due to racism innocent people are suffering every day (“David Sheen”).
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The Effects of Human Rights

  • The Koreans had a very limited knowledge of the outside world. The school was very restricted.
  • Talking about the world wasn’t allowed nor was critical thinking instead students just believed whatever they were told.

Government Intervention

  • In Israel, they have spent $50 million just towards preventing interracial marriage and immigration of intermarried newlyweds (Sheen).
  • North Koreans do not know what is going on around the world or think freely under their presidents control (“End Impunity. Achieve Justice”).
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Peoples Intervention

  • There’s a great organization (Ensaaf) that is working on putting an end in human rights violations in India.
  • In Israel, they are taking a stand into ending human rights violations as well. Started in 2009 when the United Nations took a look at what is going on in Israel. It seemed they wanted to change their constitution (Al-Assad).