Performance Enhancing Drugs

What do elite athletes take? Why take them?

Your Health Assignment

Read these articles about dopping at the Olympics.

Now it is your turn to investigate PED in sport or athletes that interest you.

You will create a Smore, just like this one.

It will need to have the criteria below.

The final product will be assessed for health and language. Edit, edit, edit.

Your Assignment

You must include:

-Types of PEDs

-History information

-Voice Thread

-Sources (either embed or put in one section)

-data or a graph

-meaningful images

-video clip related to your research

All specific instructions are below. The ideas given within each category are just that suggestions, feel free to investigate the topic as you want.

You will run into words that you don't know as you research, take the time to look them up or ask, so that you can put your thoughts and opinions into your own words.

A Little History

Do some digging, what can you find out about PED's. Consider any of the following:

  • When did doping first happen?
  • What type of punishments have occurred?
  • Who was the first athlete to get caught? to admit to it?
  • What type of testing is done throughout the season? at competitions?
  • Do standards change country to country?
  • What preventative programs are there?
  • How often do they test at the Olympics? How do they select athletes?
  • Benefits
  • Costs (financially, physically, emotionally)

Keep this section organized with heading and subheadings. Text is good, but don't get too wordy, use of bullets can be appropriate at times.

Embed your sources, by using the chain link icon to paste a link in. Example: