Developing vs Developed Countries

Population- 66.03 Mil.

Population Structure- Age; more children than adults Gender; Female

Avg life expectancy- 82.57 yrs

85.8% people live in urban areas

the population has increased steadily, The future of the population with go up by 73,212 people by the year 2050.

The food supply is secure. For the future, however, they may run out due to tourists and and the population growth.

Health Care Concerns- Aids, Tuberculosis, Water, Sanitation facilities. These things affect the population because it can make the population go down very fast if it is not stopped or fixed.

Current events causing changes in the population are the same and the health concerns but they have ways to prevent these situations from spreading.

Most Significant environmental problems- Deforestation from acid rain and water pollution from urban wastes.